Seo Zen DreamSEO Zen. Is This A Dream?

The other night I had a dream.
I dreamt that my fairy godmother waved her magic wand and suddenly all my SEO problems were solved.
I dreamt that my website got automatic page one rankings on Google.
I dreamt that every page on my website was optimized for SEO.
I dreamt that my website was organized into a silo structure that was perfect.
I dreamt that every page was full of high quality content. Not only was it full of high quality content, but that content also contained images and videos in addition.
I dreamt that my website automatically got high PR backlinks.
I dreamt that all of my pages were monetized perfectly.
And I dreamt that all of this happened at the click of a mouse.
Then I woke up and found that MY DREAM HAD COME TRUE!!

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SeozenIntroducing SEO Zen – quite literally the last piece of software that you will ever need.

Newbie, or seasoned veteran, your jaw will drop when you see what this can do for you.
Just suppose that you could get a piece of software that did all of the above – and more – at the push of a button. How many hours of backbreaking work would that save you?
Now imagine that it did all that in under a minute. Yes, in less than a minute SEO Zen will do everything you need to get page one ranking and monetize your site at the same time.
If you have been involved with SEO for any length of time you will understand the principle of a silo, but for those who have never heard the term – which is the vast majority of people – it means organising your website and its pages into a way that makes sense, not only to Google but to site visitors.
Imagine, for a minute, that you have a bucket full of different colored marbles and I tell you to pick out a blue one. Sure, you can do it, but you have to rummage around the bucket to find one.
Now imagine that you have a row of glass jars full of marbles, but all the green ones are in one jar, the red ones in another, the blue ones in a third and so on. It’s very much easier to pick a blue one, because all the blue ones are together. This is the principle of a silo.
The same thing goes for your website. All of your related content should be on one page, or a series of pages, so that it is easy for visitors and for Google to find it. SEO Zen organises this for you in seconds by arranging your site into a silo format.
Videos Seo Zen

Now, of course, you need relevant content. SEO Zen goes out on to the web and finds relevant articles and content for your website. It then spins the article into a perfectly readable state which will pass Copyscape every time. SEO Zen will also find relevant images and include them.

You want videos on your website? SEO Zen includes them as well. And all of this at the push of a button.
But wait. Now you need backlinks, don’t you? You know how time consuming it is to trawl the internet looking for relevant sites from which to get backlinks. It can take hours and even days and it is one of the most boring occupations known to man. Yet if you want to rank highly on Google it has to be done. Right? SEO Zen will go out and find the sites that you need in seconds – yes seconds. You will have high PR backlinks on your site straight away.

Now, with the best will in the world all of this is a complete waste of time unless your site is monetized. Correct? If you can’t send your visitors to your affiliate site or wherever you want them to go all of the foregoing is pointless. Don’t worry, SEO Zen will do it for you. Just type in your keywords, for instance “fishing holidays”, and every time that keyword appears on your site it will be linked to wherever you want the visitor to go. Automatically. 

Becker and CassSEO genius Alex Becker and his partner Alejandro Cass have created what can only be described as the ultimate piece of marketing software. It might take you a little longer until you get used to it, but in the sales video for SEO Zen you will see Alex Becker do everything described above in under ONE MINUTE! He has a timer running to prove it. Oh, and while he’s at it, he shows you the articles being run through Copyscape to prove that they are unique.
Less than one minute to have a website optimised for Google, monetized and ready to rock! It really can never get any simpler than this.
SEO Zen has been in beta test for the last couple of weeks and those involved are getting some amazing results. One of the beta testers had a Skype conversation with Alejandro Cass, Alex’s partner, about a couple of points and here is what he said. Asked if the silo structure used to build the silos is the same as the ”reverse silo structure” Alex has been mentioning in recent webinars, Alejandro replied ”yes, but it is totally automated”.
The tester also said that it would be even better if SEO Zen could automatically link to relevant sirtes like Wikipedia, to which Alejandro replied ”that you have the ability to change any existing outbound anchor text links to any url that you wish in the monetize module”.
Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran SEO Zen is going to blow you away. In fact, if you are a seasoned veteran it will be even more likely to blow you away, since you will have been used to all of the blood, sweat and tears involved in SEO in the past. How many hours, days and even weeks have you spent trying to get on the first page, only to have your efforts ruined by Google’s latest update?
With SEO Zen that is all history.
Was I really dreaming? No, I most certainly wasn’t.
SEO Zen is the future of marketing on the internet.

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SEO ZEN is the push button solution SEO perfection that you looking for. This software will allow you to have fully SEOed, silo optimized, monetized sites full of quality content literally with the push of a few buttons and then rank them with high PR relevant links the plugin hand picks for them.

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What will you get?

  • Have a perfectly optimized site by pressing a button
  • Be able have a site fully monetized in seconds
  • Populate the site with quality content
  • Harness exactly what the search engine is looking for onpage
  • Increase your conversion rates (without ever leaving the software)
  • Increase time spent on the site
  • Achieve much higher rankings due to superior silo SEO
  • Have high PR link sources delivered to them like clock work
  • Build sites that would take hours to make a few clicks
  • Create quality monetizes SEO superior sites with no effort or time investment

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SEO ZEN is the push button solution SEO perfection that you looking for. This software will allow you to have fully SEOed, silo optimized, monetized sites full of quality content literally with the push of a few buttons and then rank them with high PR relevant links the plugin hand picks for them.


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